Biggie Coat Shooter Pleads Not Guilty: ‘I’m Going Down For This, I F**ked Up’

The teenager accused of shooting two skaters at a Bryant Park ice rink in November over a $700 ‘Biggie coat’, pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

Even though the shooter, Corey Dunton, aged 16, pleaded not guilty he apologized in writing to the victims and their families back on November 10.

He wrote: “I am sorry. I apologize to Adonis and his family for being reclise (sic) and ending and (sic) dreams or hopes Adonis had in life. I just hope those two boys recover. I wish I could take it all back turn back time don’t we all.”

The mugging for the ‘Biggie coat’ took place on November 9, when the shooter asked Javier Contreras to give him his jacket. When Contreras refused, Dunton is said to have fired his gun, hitting Contreras in the hand, torso and thigh.

Another bullet also hit Adonis Mera, aged just 14, who was on the ice at the time. This bullet has paralyzed him from the waist down. Dunton fled the scene at the time and was arrested a day later in the Bronx.

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney James Lin spoke about Mera’s injuries in court: “The prospects don’t seem very optimistic but there is always hope. He has no movement below his waist.”

DA Lin offered Dunton 25-years-to-life if he pleaded guilty to attempted murder; however, he pleaded “not guilty.”

Dunton reportedly said to the police, according to the court records: “I’m going down for this, I f—ked up.” Last month when Dunton made his first court appearance he exclaimed: “F–k all you n-–-s — GGL!”

He also told cops at the time of his arrest: “It wasn’t over a jacket — it was over your mother, n-–a!”

It remains to be seen what punishment Corey Dunton will receive when it comes time for his sentencing, especially in light of his not guilty plea.