Winter Storm Cleon Will Be Extremely Cold, Dangerous Snow Levels Across The US

Winter storm Cleon is coming soon, and many states will be impacted throughout America.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Thanksgiving storm cancelled many flights.

The accumulation of snow is expected to be fairly large in some areas of the Midwest, with the Colorado mountains expected to receive about two feet of snow, although below average cold air is what has weather experts warning about Winter Storm Cleon. For example, Tom Niziol, winter weather expert at The Weather Channel, isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to the danger of Cleon:

“This is a big event. This really is going to be a cold air mass, and it’s going to affect a good part of the nation.”

Lee Hackleman, water supply specialist for the Natural Resource Conservation Service office, says the snowpack averages across the state of Wyoming caused by Winter Storm Cleon remain much higher in comparison to 2012:

“The SWE (snow water equivalent) is slipping a little as we are down to 131 percent of median. We were at 74 percent last year.”

By the end of the week, Cleon is expected to blow in wind chills of 40 degrees below zero into states like North and South Dakota. Even southeastern states like Arkansas are expected to receive freezing rain, sleet, and snow by Friday.

But the long lasting duration of Winter Storm Cleon is making it especially dangerous. The state of Montana has already seen several car accidents related to the icy conditions caused by Cleon, with one woman in Great Falls dying in a four-car pile up. Minnesota has reported four fatal accidents due to road conditions.

Many cities are opening up emergency shelters in response to Winter Storm Cleon. Forecasters are also warning people about power outages from tree damage and families should be prepared for extended period of cold weather.