Florida Woman Seriously Injured During Bear Attack

A Florida woman was seriously injured after being attacked by a black bear in Longwood, Florida. According to ABC News, the woman’s injuries were so serious she had to undergo emergency surgery.

Seminole County Fire Rescue Lieutenant Alisa Keyes told ABC News that the woman was attacked at 8:05 pm on Monday evening while she was out walking her dogs. Keyes told the Examiner that the woman was rushed to Orlando Medical Center for emergency surgery after calling 911 from a nearby residence.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers searched for the bear Monday night and, according to the Orlando Sentinel, the search resumed Tuesday morning. The woman’s condition has yet to be released. The report continues on to say that the area where the bear attack took place is known for frequent bear sightings. “The first documented unprovoked bear attack in FWC’s history happened in March 2012,” the report reads.

Neighbors in the area told reporters that the number of bear sightings have become increasingly common as of late. “Two weeks ago I saw one go right across my driveway, into my neighbor’s yard. I watched it. Swear to God. Watched it go through a trash can and then walk out in the woods,” an unidentified neighbor said, according to ABC News. The Examiner noted in its report that being able to read a bear’s body language can be key to surviving a possible attack.

“The first thing to remember is that bears have a strong sense of their personal space, so NEVER, never approach one. It is best to quietly hold your ground and then back up slowly in the direction you came from as calmly as you can. As you do, remember to keep looking it in the face and do not turn your back on the animal.”

The report continued on to give readers some things to watch out for that could be warnings for your to back away from a bear. Some things include listening to what kinds of sounds the bear is making. “The noisier the bear is, the less dangerous it is provided you don’t approach come any nearer.” If a bear stands to get a better look at you or starts to swat at the ground, then that could be taken as a sign that you are getting too close.

Of course, if a bear does attack, experts say that you need to protect your head and fight back “with everything you have.” Pepper spray can also be of help if you are out in an isolated area, where help may not be able to hear you. As for the woman who was attacked by a black bear in Florida, her current condition is unknown. Reports have said that her dogs were able to get away unharmed.

[Image by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission via Wikimedia Commons]