Duck Dynasty Baby Names: Reality Show Inspired New Parents Throughout 2013

The stars of Duck Dynasty inspired parents name choices throughout 2013. According to BabyCenter's yearly survey the names from the show's cast were chosen for thousands of babies over the last 12 months.

It's been calculated that the name Korie increased by 89 percent, while Mia was up 44 percent, Phil by 32 percent, Sadie at 23 percent, and Silas by 15 percent.

Parents even stated that they decided to name their children after the star's of the show because of their humorous, down-to-earth, and religious personalities.

Lindsay, a new mother from Texas who is an avid viewer of the A&E series, admitted that she was inspired to name her newborn after the show.

Speaking to SheKnows: Parenting, she stated that she was inspired by the success of Duck Dynasty's protagonists:

"Phil and Kay were high school sweethearts, a football player and a cheerleader, that got married and had four kids. Their marriage survived addiction and he came through the other side a successful business owner."
The name Kay's popularity also spilled over into other variations too, with Kaylee leaping up to number 19, and Kayla landing at number 87 on the list.

Duck Dynasty isn't the only TV show to influence parents though, as the women from HBO's Girls have seen their names rise up the baby name's list too.

Marnie and Shoshanna have each seen their popularity rise by 62 and 67 percent respectively, while Lena Dunham, who is the writer, creator, and star of the HBO drama, has also sparked a surge in popularity in her name. It rose by over 26 percent.

Unfortunately various individuals who have had a rather poor year due to negative press attention have seen their monikers decrease hugely in popularity. Amanda Bynes, Reese Witherspoon, Paula Deen and Lindsay Lohan's first names have dwindled by 37, 45, 20 and 17 percent respectively.

Other celebrities to influence mothers and fathers included the stars of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and, despite his infancy, Prince George also managed to make an impact.

Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge's young son sparked a 10 percent upturn for boys, as well as a 37 percent increase for baby girls, while numerous other variations, such as Georgia, Georgina, and Giorgio, prospered too.

Overall, the top 10 boys' names were:

1. Jackson2. Aiden3. Liam4. Lucas5. Noah6. Mason7. Jayden8. Ethan9. Jacob10. Jack11. Caden12. Logan13. Benjamin14. Michael15. Caleb16. Ryan17. Alexander18. Elijah19. James20. William

While the top 20 girls' names included:

1. Sophia2. Emma3. Olivia4. Isabella5. Mia6. Ava7. Lily8. Zoe9. Emily10. Chloe11. Layla12. Madison13. Madelyn14. Abigail15. Aubrey16. Charlotte17. Amelia18. Ella19. Kaylee20. Avery