[VIDEO] D'awww!: Developer makes Borderlands-themed proposal video for superfan

Chris Greenhough

Videogame proposals? They've been done before - but never quite like this.

Gamer Ben is a huge fan of Borderlands, the popular (and might I say excellent) FPS/RPG hybrid from Gearbox. So when he met girlfriend Tora, he had to sit her down and explain his guilty secret: he was A GAMER, and his Borderlands addiction may well take up hours of his time. Would Tora be okay with this?

Well, err, yeah, because like Ben, Tora is a Borderlands nut. The couple have since blasted through the campaign and all downloadable content as a team. Borderlands "easily made that awkward starting out stage of any relationship go extremely smooth," Ben told Kotaku. Hence, when Ben decided to pop The Question, he decided to take a chance and ask Gearbox for some help.

And help they did. The studio spent a week working on a special Borderlands-themed proposal video for Ben to show Tora, featuring some brilliant close-to-the-knuckle quips from the game's robotic mascot, Claptrap. You can watch this amazing clip below, and Tora's response below that. What an awesome bit of fan-service by Gearbox!

[Via Kotaku]