Justin Timberlake Shines In New 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Clip [Video]

Justin Timberlake and Adam Driver share a song in the latest clip from Inside Llewyn Davis.

Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, the movie follows the adventures of a struggling songwriter (Oscar Isaac) who tries to make a name for himself in the Greenwich Village scene during the 60s. The latest clip from the flick finds Timberlake and Driver portraying a pair of folk singers performing a space-race protest song.

If you're curious to see Justin Timberlake perform the tune "Please Mr. Kennedy" ahead of the film's limited theatrical release later this month, then take a gander at the clip embedded below. Although the song itself is definitely a little silly, Timberlake and Driver do a pretty good job delivering the ditty.

"I sweat when they stuffed me in the pressure suits/ Rubber helmet, Flash Gordon boots. I need to breathe, don't need to be a hero/ Are you hearing me loud and clear-o?" the duo sings in the clip

In order to accurately portray the 60s folk music scene, the Coen brothers once again tapped T Bone Burnett to help out with the film's soundtrack. Burnette and the filmmakers previously teamed up for the award-winning comedy O Brother Where Art Thou?.

Burnett told Salon about their initial conversation:

"Joel said, 'We're thinking of doing a film about a folk singer.' I can tell you exactly how it started. Joel said, 'We want to do a movie about Greenwich Village in 1961, just before Dylan got there. We want to do it with all real songs but made-up people. We want to do it with all the music performed and filmed live on-set.' So, that was what they said they wanted to do, and then that's exactly what they did."

Justin Timberlake apparently had no trouble getting into character while filming the Coen brothers drama. Star Oscar Isaac told MTV News earlier this year that he was seriously impressed with the singer's talent and range. Let's just say that he had no trouble tossing the words "incredible" and "spectacular" around during the interview.

"[Timberlake] and Marcus actually sing bass on this a cappella song called 'The Auld Triangle.' He threw himself, with this whole enthusiasm, into it. It was a similar situation; he sang some songs in it, but he did it through the character of Jim Berkey, the mixture of creating a character and creating the music," Isaac explained.

Check out the new clip from the Coen brothers flick below.

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