Justin Bieber Wasn’t Late For Show Because Of Me, Says Oz Big Brother’s Tahan Lew

Justin Bieber has been accused of participating in a FaceTime call with an Australian Big Brother runner-up, at the exact time he was due onstage at his first concert in Melbourne on Monday.

According to reports, the 19-year-old singer’s call time was 8.30 pm but he came onstage at 9.40 pm, which was 70 minutes later than scheduled at the Rod Laver Arena.

However, Big Brother second-runner-up Tahan Lew has denied talking to Bieber at that time, and says she posted the picture of her Facetiming the “Boyfriend” star (which later went viral), some time after their conversation.

“It was definitely before the show, I have nothing to do with him being late for the show, it was way before the show started,” Tahan revealed in an interview on The Bump, a radio show she appears on with Australian Big Brother winner Tim Dormer.

Lew claims she sent Dormer a screengrab of her Facetime call with Bieber at 8 pm and The Bump posted it at 9 pm when Bieber was due on stage, News.com.au reports.

The outlet added Tahan had arranged to go partying with Bieber after his Monday show.

Lew met Bieber in New York last year through his tour DJ and met up with the Canadian through a mutual Facebook friend.

Justin Bieber Did Not Facetime Tahan Lew When He Was Due On Stage At Melbourne Show

(Photo: Screenshot Tahan Lew phone)

Although the pair stayed in touch, Tahan denies any romantic involvement with Justin.

“I have a boyfriend, I’m very much in love, there’s nothing going on there with me and the Biebs,” she said.

Australian reviewers have been split in their verdicts of the heartthrob’s first Melbourne show.

Due to his lateness on stage, Bieber’s show didn’t finish until after 11pm, inconveniencing parents keen to get their young children home in order to be up for for school on Tuesday.

The delay also impacted Bieber’s pre-Melbourne show meet and greet session with fans, who had paid $495 for a VIP package only to end up with just a few seconds with the pop star.

IQ has previously noted the singer does not organize fan meets.

Following recent criticisms of “manhandling” of fans by Bieber’s bodyguards, going forward this is something for the singer’s management to address.

Meanwhile, Justin’s Australian promoter introduced some perspective, telling outlets, “Artist stage times are provided as a guide only and are subject to change on the night.”

After his first late Melbourne show, Bieber reportedly visited nightspot Mon Bijou and was spotted doing shots at around 1.30 am with his crew.

It’s alleged the singer’s security team made other patrons in the bar sign a confidentiality form and banned the taking of photos.

According to the Herald Sun, a source at the event said Bieber left the club at 4 am and continued the party in his suite at the Park Hyatt.

The singer has reportedly been late on stage at each of his Australian concerts.

The pop prince is now set to perform in Adelaide and Perth, where his Believe odyssey will end on December 8.