Waitress Who Faked Receipt Suspended, Facing Criminal Charges

A waitress who faked an offensive credit card receipt was suspended from her job and may face criminal charges. In late November, Dayna Morals posted a photo of a credit card receipt online. The receipt did not include a tip. However, it did contain the words “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle & how you live your life.”

A photo of the receipt immediately went viral. The story drew national attention, as Morales claimed discrimination due to her sexual orientation. Morales said she “served in the Marines” to fight for freedom and the family’s behavior was unacceptable. As many people sympathized with the waitress, she received nearly $2,000 in donations.

Within days after the story broke, a local family saw the photo and recognized the receipt. They also recognized the waitress who served them at the Gallup Asian Bistro on November 13.

Although the subtotal and time stamp matched the family’s receipt, the other information was incorrect. As reported by New Jersey 101.5, the family produced their copy of the receipt, which included a 20 percent tip. They also provided a copy of their credit card statement, proving that the tip they left was charged to their card.

The family further denies writing the offensive message. They said they have no prejudice against homosexuals and support legislation in favor of gay marriage.

When it was first revealed that the waitress faked the receipt, the Gallup Asian Bistro supported Morales’ story. However, they recently suspended the waitress and removed her from the work schedule.

In addition to being suspended from her job, Morales is also facing criminal charges. WTSP News reports that the waitress promised to give her donations to the Wounded Warrior Project. However, if she does not donate the money she received, she may be guilty of fraud. Former federal prosecutor Kerry Lawrence said she could be charged criminally.

Although it is not a criminal offense, Morales also lied about her service in the Marines. Marine Major Shawn D. Haney confirmed that the waitress served in the reserves but has no record of “combat service in Iraq or Afghanistan.” Haney also confirmed that Morales “did not fulfill her reserve obligation.”

Following reports that the waitress faked the receipt, Morales stood by her original statement. She has refused further comment.

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