'Game Of Thrones' Star Jack Gleeson Isn't A Big Fan Of Fame, Says Sister

Game of Thrones star Jack Gleeson recently revealed that he might decide to pursue other ventures once his stint on the acclaimed HBO series comes to an end.

Although some actors spend their entire careers trying to find the sort of fame and success Gleeson has achieved in a relatively short amount of time, his sister Rachel Gleeson recently told the Irish Independent that her brother didn't have his sights set on this stuff when he signed on to star in Game of Thrones.

"Jack is different too as he is very instant and sees himself very much as a pawn of the director. Maybe that's because he fell into this at 17 and doesn't know if it's necessarily something he really wants," the actress recently said of her brother's career.

Rachel Gleeson continued, "You can't even comprehend success like Jack's and fame is not a dream for him or what he wants, it's just something he goes off to do during the summer. He's still figuring it all out, but I know I'm in it for the long haul."

The Game of Thrones star recently set the internet ablaze when he suggested that he probably wouldn't pursue any more acting projects once he bids farewell to the series. Although it's unclear when that might happen, Jack Gleeson seems convinced that his days in the business are presently numbered.

"It was always a recreation beforehand, but when I started doing Game of Thrones, perhaps the reality was made too real for me. The lifestyle that comes with being an actor in a successful TV show isn't something I gravitate towards," Gleeson recently explained.

He added, "I'm 21, so it's hard to decide what kind of course life will take."

For the moment, the actor is focusing on his theological and philosophical studies at Dublin's Trinity College. The Game of Thrones star ultimately hopes to use his fame to help bring some attention to an aid organization known as Goal.

Gleeson explained:

"I'd been looking to use the celebrity I've got from the show to bring awareness for causes Goal supports. I had the connection with the organization through my uncle, Tim Gleeson, and he worked with Goal in the 1980s. It was inspiring to see the improvements being made in Haiti, to see the motivation of the people to improve the quality of life. People are eager to get on with their lives and be resilient."

As you disappointed that Game of Thrones star Jack Gleeson might say goodbye to acting once he's finished with HBO's acclaimed series?