David Lee Roth Agrees To Partial Van Halen Reunion

Red Rocker Sammy Hagar spoke to the press recently about the prospect of David Lee Roth participating in a Van Halen reunion minus founding member Michael Anthony.

Back in 2004, when Roth was asked if he wanted to get the partial band back together without Anthony, Hagar said he was against the idea:

"When they tried to do the reunion with me without Mike, I said: 'Shit, I'm out,' he tells Howard Stern in this clip. "I quit — instantly. I walked out the door."

After the band split, Anthony and Hagar formed their own band called Chickenfoot. Even though Van Halen continued without the two of them, they have remained close friends all along.

David Lee Roth sang as the lead for the band from 1974-85 when Hagar took over from him. When he was asked why Roth's reaction to the idea of a partial reunion wasn't similar to his he said:

"I think Dave was just, like, 'hey, it's all about me. It didn't matter who was in the band."

The band's response to Anthony leaving them was petty. They scrubbed him from all of the pictures on the Van Halen website.

This small minded reaction hurt Anthony as he told reporters: "Out of everything that went down, with Wolfie joining the band, I was cool with all of that — except for that one thing. That did kind of hurt, a little bit."

Hagar immediately jumped to Anthony's defense: "That is a psychosis. I don't think that it's even possible that someone would do that. Like the fans are going to buy that," he said.

What do you think about a partial Van Halen reunion with David Lee Roth and at least some of the crew? Would you like to see it or would you prefer to remember the iconic band as they once were? Tell us in the comments feed below.