Pope Francis Was A Nightclub Bouncer Before He Was Pope

Yes people, you read the headline correctly, Pope Francis worked as a bouncer at a nightclub in his younger days. The establishment he worked for was a bar-come-nightclub in Buenos Aires, where he was employed during his days as a student.

Pope Francis made the revelation about his past during an informal chat he was conducting with parishioners at a church visit. The church is located in a working-class area of Rome, so the fact he used to be a bouncer, he hoped, would help him relate to them.

The shocked expressions on the churchgoers faces were probably difficult to hide as the Pontiff continued to explain how he found God.

He told them that he realized his destiny was to serve in the church after a confession session with a priest he had never met before.

Pope Francis is definitely the most colorful Pope in recent memory, and certainly has somewhat of a checkered past. He is also known to be a big tango enthusiast and even had a dance partner/girlfriend before he became a holy man.

On top of all that, Pope Francis is also known to be a closet charity giver, following claims that he sneaked out of the Vatican at night to give money to poor people in Rome.

Those claims come following an interview with Archbishop Konrad Krajewski,who said the Pope was always keen to join him as he fulfilled his duties as a money distributor for the church.

Whichever way you look at it, the current Pope is certainly "out there" when it comes to his approach to religion. He has made the headlines more than once for inviting homeless people to dine with him, calling worshippers on the phone, and even washing the feet of young criminals.

Not to mention the numerous selfies and Tweets he has posted as he tries to encourage the Catholic church to reach out to young people via social media.

Do you think the fact that Pope Francis used to be a nightclub bouncer bodes well for his position as the head of the church? Does this kind of revelation about his past, in your opinion, endear him to his followers, or does he risk alienating some more conservative types?

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