Cate Blanchett Worried Husband Would Die At 40, Blames Father's Death

Cate Blanchett told reporters that her fear of losing her husband before he turned 40 stemmed from the fact her father died when he was young.

Blanchett admitted to The Observer magazine that her father's untimely passing, at the age of 32 when she was a baby, had a deep emotional effect on her. So-much-so, it seems, that she suffered from paranoia that the same fate would befall her partner Andrew Upton.

She told The Observer:

"I lost my father young. The earliest memory I have is seeing him in bed when I was 18 months old - I later learned he was recuperating from his first heart attack at 32. He died when he was 40 [of a heart attack], but I don't think I really quantified the consequences for me until much later, when my husband reached 40. I was euphoric at his birthday party, like a weight had been lifted. And I thought, 'Now, there's the detritus."
Cate spoke about her pessimistic disposition saying that she realized she could be really negative sometimes after she won her The Aviator Oscar: ''I can be a real pessimist. You know that when you win an Oscar and you walk offstage and your first thought is, 'Oh God, I've peaked!''

Pessimistic or not, Cate Blanchett has decided that enough is enough. She hopes to spend some quality time with her family in the coming year.

She said: ''My husband and I have been running the Sydney Theatre Company and it's been magic - my kids have been able to see so many of those transient moments between acting and real life behind the scenes. But now that I've given it up I'm looking forward to being a bit quieter. I'm very conscious of that. There have been times when I've heard myself in the past and thought, 'Aw, just shut up.' ''