Facebook Replaces ‘Hide All’ Button With ‘Unfollow’ Button

Facebook is ever-changing, and says that they are always working to better user experience. The social media network has announced that they will be rolling out a new feature, that isn’t all that new. Facebook has announced that they will be replacing their “Hide All” feature with a new “Unfollow” button.

According to TechCrunch, the functionality of the “Unfollow” button will be pretty much exactly like that of the “Hide All” feature. They went on to say that “what is changing is the specific wording. Thanks to services like Twitter and Instagram, users have presumably become more familiar with the concept of unfollowing, and it seems that the language of following and unfollowing is becoming a bigger part of Facebook.”

In a statement given to Mashable, a Facebook spokesperson stated that “the goal of this change is to help people curate their News Feed and see more of the content that they care about.”

So what is so special about this new “Unfollow” button? In all honesty, there is nothing all that special. This new feature will allow users to block updates from Facebook friends without having to go as far as defriending them or even taking the drastic measures of blocking them.

Comments on the internet regarding the new “Unfollow” button have ranged from “Yay!” and “Finally!!” all the way to “This is new how…?” One commenter on TechCrunch wrote “‘You can do this already, with ‘unsubscribe’”. Another commenter wrote:

“Still can’t understand why Facebook won’t show EVERY post, I’ve never seen posts from some friends on my homepage, and if I start seeing them then someone else disappears. It’s just annoying.”

To “Hide” or to “Unfollow,” that seems to be the question. What do you think about Facebook’s new “Unfollow” button? Will you be making much use of it?

[Image by 1000 Words / Shutterstock.com]