Lindsay Lohan Posts Nude Selfie After Rehab, Why?

Lindsay Lohan decided, in her infinite wisdom, that now would be the perfect time to post a nude selfie of her herself on Instagram for all to see.

The 27-year-old star decided to bless the internet with her nude presence on Saturday, perhaps to remind her fans that she is back in action after her stint in rehab. The racy photo shows Lohan looking sexy as ever, topless and in bed, presumably her own.

Less than three weeks have passed since Lindsay Lohan posted a pic of her good self with some seriously visible side-boob action. It seems she decided that side-boob just wasn’t enough for her fans so she opted to post the latest image with a nipple showing.

Fans aren’t sure if the photograph is out of focus on purpose, for effect, or if Lindsay’s hand might have been shaking just a bit from the pressure of it all.

She appears, by all accounts, to be completely naked in the selfie, apart from a silver necklace which is just visible. (If you’re looking there and not elsewhere, ahem.)

But Lindsay Lohan didn’t stop at that, as she promptly posted another image of herself on Instagram. In the second image the star can be seen, also nude, in a Marilyn Monroe get-up from the waist up, holding her breasts.

The latest sexy image to grace many a computer screen is actually the third of its kind. In the middle of November Lindsay Lohan posted her first steamy picture which showed her wearing a pair of lacy underwear and, again, looking seductively at the camera.

What do you think of the latest celebrity craze to post nude or semi-nude selfies on social media? What is it that makes them want to flaunt themselves in this way? Is it just a simple case of attention seeking or is there something more deep rooted going on?

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