Scott High School Standoff: Lockdown Lifted After Police Arrest 14-Year-Old With Pellet Gun

Scott High School in Ohio was placed on lockdown after reports that a 14-year-old brought a pellet gun into the school.

The call for police to Scott High School in Toledo first came at close to 9:30 am, with a broadcast report of a student with a gun.

The teenager reportedly had the weapon inside of a bag, leading teachers to bring students inside classrooms and even closets and lock the doors. The teen with the gun was eventually isolated and brought to a first-floor hallway, the Toledo Blade reported.

Police then communicated with the Scott High School student through a negotiator, eventually bringing an end to the standoff. Other students were then released from their locked rooms.

School officials said the student will face immediate expulsion.

TPS board prez Brenda Hill thanking SWAT while they debrief.

— Nolan_Rosenkrans (@NolanRosenkrans) December 2, 2013

For other Scott High School students, classes have been called off for the remainder of the day on Monday. Parents have been notified and are allowed to pick up their children, but are told to bring picture identification. The situation caused a bit of a logjam as parents lined up outside the high school to pick up their children. School officials let them inside in groups of 10 to 15.

Two buses were also sent to the scene in case other Scott High School students needed transportation home.

Scott High School reportedly had a lockdown drill planned for Monday afternoon.