Draft day decision makers: New England Patriots

When it comes to the New England Patriots we all know it is the Bill Belichick show. Over the last two drafts he has taken a quantity over everything mentality, but overall he scouts the guys he thinks will fit his system and then ranks them. It is not uncommon for the Patriots big board to only have 40-50 players on it. He is after a certain kind of player and if he cannot get them he will trade back and stockpile picks. He has an unusual way of doing things, but it has been very successful so far.

Belichick has been waiting for this draft for quite some time. He has six picks in the first three round so we can bet he will be an active trader on draft day. Belichick has had his share of misses early in the draft, like everyone else, but he is very good at selecting guys in the later rounds that come in and really do well in his system.

Over the last fie years they have made 50 picks, of those only three of made it to the pro bowl. However 11 of them are starters including eight in the past two years. It is hard to gauge that as the Patriots always make more picks then everyone else including 25 in the past two years, but casting a wide net is a viable strategy that works well for them.

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