Man tries holding up Subway with PlayStation controller

(Picture unrelated).

Some genius from Florida has been arrested after attempting to hold up a Subway restaurant with a PlayStation controller. In further news that saddens me, it was a standard pad and not one of the Move controllers with a comedy bulbous end.

According to Bay 9 News, 20-year-old Cameron Pittman hid the controller in his pocket to pretend he was armed. Alas, Pittman is as lucky as he is intelligent. By which I mean a police officer walked in the store in the middle of the act, catching him red-handed:

Police said Pittman dropped the remote and gave up. He is facing charges of strong-arm robbery and violation of probation.

Pittman dropped the remote and gave up” – Pathetic. He didn’t even try this.

[Bay 9 News, via Geekologie]