Cade Foster: Alabama Kicker Receives Death Threats After Missing Three Field Goals Against Auburn

Nathan Francis

Cade Foster was benched after missing three field goals for Alabama in the team's Iron Bowl loss to Auburn, but his night would actually get worse from there.

Foster was inundated with hateful and threatening messages after the loss, in which his replacement allowed a 109-yard return of a missed field goal

In the game, No. 4 Auburn was able to defeated No. 1 Alabama thanks in part to the lackluster play of Cade Foster. The kicker missed on three attempts during the game, prompting Alabama coach Nick Saban to pull him in favor of little-used freshman Adam Griffith.

Griffith was asked to kick a 57-yard field goal with just one second remaining in the game, but missed it wide right and short. The ball sailed to the back of the endzone, where Auburn defensive back Chris Davis corralled the ball and took it back the length of the field.

It made for one of the best endings in college football history, but many bitter Alabama fans have turned their anger toward Cade Foster. His Twitter page has filled up with angry messages from Crimson Tide fans, many of them threatening to kill the senior kicker. Many others suggested that Foster kill himself.

— Chris Taylor (@_CTaylor8) December 1, 2013

— Dikembe MuJUMBO (@jmorr17) December 1, 2013

"All it takes is a quick Twitter search to reveal homophobic, vile hate speech (which won't be linked to, since this is a family website), death threats and any number of other disgusting insults being tossed Foster's way. His Twitter account, which I won't link to out of respect, has even gone dark, and his top-line name has been changed so it doesn't show up in the search function."

In the wake of the death threats and vile messages, many other fans of Cade Foster have spoken up to defend the kicker.

He was also defended by his Alabama teammates.

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