Kara DioGuardi Sued For Car Accident She Didn’t Cause

Kara DioGuardi, formerly of American Idol fame is being sued for a 2010 car accident that left one man with what he calls a horrible neck injury. The strange part? DioGuardi wasn’t even driving the vehicle when it was involved in the accident.

Joel Postorino is going after DioGuardi because she’s listed as a co-owner on the 2005 BMW that smashed into Postorino’s Porche.

Christina Kline was driving the car involved in the accident, a vehicle that DioGuardi co-signed on several years ago to “help her employee out” according to DioGuardi’s reps.

When Kline left the company in November 2009, Kara’s people claim she was asked to remove DioGuardi’s name from the registration but never did.

Postorino is asking for nearly $250,000 in damages in the case which will go in front of a judge this July.