Vending Machine Survival Guide

Good nutrition can be very difficult to find when you are at work. Many employers have refrigerators and microwaves available to their staff to help make meals easier to eat at work.

Sadly that requires planning and preparation that many people do not have time to do. If this describes you, there are a few strategies you can use to get through the day.

Almost all big companies include reasonably priced vending machines near break areas to help keep you going. The problem with these readily available snacks is that it is easy to make poor food choices. Often the machines have several different types of sweets, sodas, and salty snacks. These offer quick relief, but rarely lasting satisfaction.

Here are a few tips to keep you going while you’re on the clock. Please remember that these are just suggestions, and not meant to replace a healthy balanced diet.

Craving: Thirst

Water is the best way to kill this craving. If there is no bottled water available, consider a fruit juice with 100% juice and no added sugar. Soda may seem like a tasty solution to give you energy and quench your thirst. The problem is that many popular soda have too much sodium, which can leave you feeling more thirsty. You may want to avoid these and opt for a clear soda if no other options sound appealing.

Craving: Salty Snack

Many people find themselves craving salt during work. You want to avoid traditional chips, if possible. Instead, look for trail mix or mixed nuts. These items are widely available and will satisfy your craving while supplying you with healthy protein. If your vending machine only offers chips, then opt for a multi-grain or corn variety. These types of chips take longer to eat than classic potato chips, and will fill you up better.

Craving: Sweet Treat

This can be the hardest craving to satisfy wisely. So many options are full of calories, and sugar. The best options for this would be dried fruit, or Fig Newtons. If these are not available try to pick a sweet snack that also has nuts. This will help to satisfy your sweet tooth and your hunger. What ever you do, just say no to the fruit pie. It is

All of these quick fixes can be unnecessary with a little preplanning. Consider carrying your favorite snack in your pocket or purse. This will help you fight the temptation to indulge in a snack you may regret later. If you do have to use the vending machine for your meals, make sure you choose something both satisfying and nutritious. Remember that occasional splurges are fine, but that they should not be a part of your daily routine.