Christina Aguilera Tells Jay Leno All About Her Great Big World Duet

If you adore Christina Aguilera, then chances are you’re still buzzing about her recent duet with A Great Big World at this year’s American Music Awards.

The singer performed the tune “Say Something” with the duo at this year’s awards ceremony. The performance was a pretty big hit for both Aguilera and the group; the official clip on YouTube has nearly five million views as of this writing.

Since you’ve probably asked yourself “How did this collaboration come about?” since witnessing the performance on Sunday night, Christina Aguilera decided to drop some details about the AMAs during her recent appearance on The Tonight Show. Prepare to have several of your burning questions answered.

After hearing the song “Say Something” on Ian Axel’s solo album, Aguilera wanted to work on a tune with Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino. Instead of going through agents, managers, and labels, the singer said she just “called them up.” Because that’s just how she rolls.

“It was very random, it was the most organically done coming together of artist and a song. I called them up, I was basically like, can I be a part of the record? Can we get in a room together and just play around at a piano, nobody else involved, and just see what happens? And we just came together and made the song,” she explained to Jay Leno.

In order to relax following their duet at the American Music Awards, Christina Aguilera invited the guys back to her place for a little rest and relaxation. Instead of sipping champagne and discussing the state of the American music scene, they kicked back and shot paintball guns.

Aguilera explained:

“I invited them over after the AMA performance. I was like c’mon let’s blow off some steam, let’s celebrate and let’s shoot off some paintball guns in the backyard. Cause they were like ‘oh my gosh, I can’t believe all this is happening to us, how do you deal with all the stress and the chaos?’ and I was like, you just gotta stop for a second and just shoot.”

Check out the outfit the singer wore during her chat with Jay Leno.

Check out the song “Say Something” below.

Are you a fan of Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World? What do you think about the singer and the duo collaborating on a new version of “Say Something”?