Thanksgiving Mid-Air Note Battle Ends With Slap

A mid-air Thanksgiving argument became so intense that two passengers onboard a delayed flight from New York to Phoenix started exchanging vitriolic notes to one another.

Elan Gale, who is a Los Angeles TV producer, updated his Twitter followers throughout the entire ordeal.

He started tweeting from the airport at around 11a.m. after he learned that his flight was delayed, and everyone would probably be late for their Thanksgiving soirees with their families.

Of course, everyone who was waiting to board the flight was affected by the news.

However, one particular passenger, Diane from 7A, was beyond apoplectic that the flight was running behind schedule.

So much so that she decided to complain at the top of her voice about the entire scenario while boarding the plane.

Elan Gale, another passenger on the same flight, wasn’t impressed by her reaction.

I’ll let Elan’s tweets do the explaining:

Elan was clearly incensed by the woman’s haranguing, so he decided to take the matter into his own hands. He wrote Diana a letter, which you may peruse below:

However, Diane wasn’t impressed by Elan’s note, so she decided to respond with her own lengthy letter which called him “an awful person with no compassion.”

Elan interpreted her response as “This means war,” so he embarked upon writing another piece to Diane, whom he described as being in “her late 40s or early 50s.” He then delivered his note to her which read:

Of course, this only sparked another reply:

Elan then decided to try and end their brief correspondence with a forthright and final effort:

However, as they exited the plane, Diane decided to have the final say by turning physical on Elan:

Elan then decided to provide a blow-by-blow report of her attack for his Twitter followers:

Elan was even asked by airplane officials if he would like to file a complaint against her, but he declined. However, Elan’s mother had one final message for Diane:

What do you think of Elan and Diane’s note battle? Was it juvenile or did Diane deserve this treatment?