Evie Hudak Resigns Amid Gun Control Controversy

Senator Evie Hudak has resigned amid a gun control controversy. The Colorado Democrat stepped down to avoid a possible recall election. Hudak has received stark criticism for her support of restrictive gun control laws.

If the recall election had taken place, Hudak’s seat would have likely been filled by a Republican candidate. By resigning, an election was avoided, and the new state senator will be chosen by a Democratic committee.

Colorado’s new gun legislation promoted the recall of two Democrat lawmakers earlier this year. As reported by CNN, Hudak would have been the third senator to be replaced by a Republican contender.

The controversy was sparked by two bills, which were signed into law in March. The laws require background checks for gun purchases and restrict ammunition magazines to 15 rounds,

Lawmakers said the restrictions were inspired by the mass shooting at a theater in Aurora, Colorado. Critics said Democratic leaders exploited the tragedy to promote their own agenda.

The restrictive laws were unpopular with Colorado voters. The uproar led to the eventual recall of State Senate President John Morse and State Senator Angela Giron. Committees were in the process of organizing a recall against Senator Evie Hudak when she resigned.

Hudak’s resignation included her defense of the gun control laws. She said the gun-safety legislation is “sensible” and “reasonable.” She explains that the laws were not meant to be restrictive. They were created to save lives:

“… we can keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals. The convenience of high-capacity ammunition magazines is less important than saving lives in tragedies like Sandy Hook, Aurora, and Columbine.”

In the written resignation, Hudak explained that by stepping down, she is saving residents the $200,000 cost of staging a recall election. She also believes her resignation will protect the gun-control laws.

In closing, Evie Hudak said she trusts her colleagues to “honor the legacy” she and her constituents began.

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