Draft day decision makers: Indainapolis Colts

For the 13th time NFL Draft genius Bill Polian will run the Indianapolis Colts war room. We all know Polian is always good for a surprise of two on draft day, and we know that he covets draft picks. However, Polian knows they are just chips in his stack and is unafraid to make a deal now and again to get his team the players that they need. Polian has helped build championship contenders in Indianapolis, Buffalo, and Carolina. Without a doubt he is one of the finest NFL executives of this generation.

While a lot of people know Polian’s history with the Bills, Panthers, and Colts, many do not know that he also helped build championship teams in the Canadian Football League. He was also worked for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Chicago Blitz of the old USFL. On draft day Polian listens to his scouts and often goes out and finds guys that may not seem like a great fit for his team, more often than not his proves his doubters wrong.

Of course he is coming off a substandard 2010 draft, where he failed to land any big time prospects for his aging Colts. Once the injuries started to mount up on his team in 2010 his most recent draft class did not give the team very much production. The odds are he will use his early picks to rebuild the offensive line, but trying to predict what this man will do in any given year is nearly impossible.

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