Inglewood Standoff: Christopher Warsaw Charged For Attempted Murder

The Inglewood standoff, which saw a police officer shot and another injured, concluded today when the suspect, Christopher Warsaw, surrendered to officers.

The Inquisitr reported on the Inglewood shooting yesterday:

The incident started at about 12:30 pm after the alleged gunman tried to drag his daughter, believed to be 14 years old, by her hair outside the home. When police responded to a call to come to the home, the 45-year-old man opened fire on them.

The suspect has been booked on suspicion of attempted murder; the fact that the victims were police officers doesn’t help the suspects case at all. Warsaw, aged 45, is being held in lieu of $1 million bail, following his surrender on Wednesday after many hours of tedious negotiation.

Warsaw had been holding his girlfriend and her daughter hostage during the Inglewood Standoff. Fortunately neither were harmed. Lt. Dave Dolson said about the negotiations: “I guess the negotiator built enough trust with the suspect, who felt he would be fairly treated and safely taken into custody.”

At around 12:30 p.m., as reported, Warsaw was seen dragging a girl by her hair into a house; she was screaming loudly. When officers were notified and dispatched to the scene where the incident was unfolding, they were met with gunshots from the suspect.

Fortunately, the officer who was shot was saved by his bulletproof vest. James Madia, the police captain at Inglewood, spoke to reporters about the officer: “He seems to be doing fine, he’s talking. Fortunately, for all involved, they came out of it relatively OK.”

It remains to be seen what circumstances led to the Inglewood shooting, as the case is investigated in advance of Christopher Warsaw’s trial. Thankfully, the Inglewood standoff ended peacefully with no other injuries or deaths.