[RUMOR] Next PlayStation and Xbox coming in 2014

Mysterious industry sources have told Kotaku that the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles are still three years away. According to the insiders, Microsoft and Sony are aiming to milk this generation for all its worth, and “telegraphing to each other that they’re delaying.”

Kotaku’s various sources all seem to agree that 2014 is the year we can expect Xbox 720 and PS4 (or whatever), though neither company is ruling out 2013 if it comes under pressure.

One insider claimed that not even Microsoft knows what will be in the next Xbox yet, and that the company “is wrestling with whether to be profitable [with its hardware] on day one.” Microsoft and Sony have historically made losses on day one hardware, while Nintendo has almost always made profit.

Speaking of Nintendo (notice that butter-smooth segue right there), Sony and Microsoft deciding to hold off on new consoles would give the Japanese company two clear years of non-competition if reports of Wii 2 coming in 2012 are true.

[Via Kotaku]