Dead Whale Explodes: Biologist Covered In Guts After It's Cut Open [Video]

Gregory Wakeman

An exploding whale left an unlucky marine biologist covered in guts after his attempts to cut the creature open ended in disaster.

The incident occurred in the Faroe Islands after the scientist attempted to excavate the sperm whale's skeleton from its carcass. The animal was one of two that perished after the pair became trapped in a narrow channel.

Bjarni Mikkelse was the unfortunate scientist who cut open the enormous cadaver. He was given the task after the small Danish island's community asked him to try and move the whale's skeleton into a local museum.

Mikkelse was well aware that a build-up of gas was likely to have taken place as the whale had been dead for around 48 hours. However, no one believed that an explosion of this magnitude would occur.

Bjarni, whose entire body was covered in protective clothes, carefully approaches the dead whale before repeatedly prodding it with what appears to be a knife.

However, the marine biologist is instantly taken aback when the gas that is trapped inside the whale explodes out of the 45 foot long whale while he is only a few yards away. A loud bang then emits from the carcass, before guts, blood, more guts, and organs spew out onto the beach.

Now that the whale's innards have fallen out, it's believed that the plan to strip the huge beast of its flesh can continue. You can check out a video of the incident above.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Johan Joense, under the title, "Sperm Whale explodes!" As you would expect, it has since spread virally across the Internet, and it has been watched by around 1.7 million people.

Joensen describes the video as follows:

"Sperm Whale explodes in the Faroe Islands while a man is trying to open his stomach. Sperm Whales are not killed in the Faroe Islands, this one died from natural causes..."

YouTube users quickly commented on the clip with many repulsed as they imagined the vile smell that emanated from the animal. MrAdammassacre remarked, "Oh I bet that smelled wonderful!" before he was joined by Rogerio Penna, who stated, "If that happened to me, a similar effect would happen almost instantly, but off my mouth."

Have you watched the sperm whale explodes clip? How do you think you would have reacted to such devastation?