Austin Mahone Invites Sick Teen To His Concert

Teen sensation Austin Mahone is showing why his fans think he is the best thing that ever happened after the young singer invited a very sick teen to watch his concert.

Bebe Dodd, 13, has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Bebe, her twin sister Amanda, and their mom thought they were coming to KISS 106.1 to thank supporters for their fund raising efforts.

But they were in for a huge surprise when radio host Billy the Kidd interrupted their talk to take a call from none other than Austin Mahone, her favorite singer.

"This happens to be perfect timing. I want you to say 'Hi' to Bebe, she's in the studio right now with Amanda and her mom," said Billy the Kidd.

"Hey, Bebe!" Austin answered.

"Hi!" Bebe replied with a smile after remaining quiet during the interview.

Her mother said Bebe is such a big Austin Mahone fan that she makes mom follow him on Instagram.

Austin Mahone then offered Bebe an invitation, "I want you to come to Jingle Ball and check it out," he told the shocked teen.

Kidd told Bebe she would be meeting Austin backstage during his appearance on Monday, along with a few more of her favorite singers.

Although she was thrilled, the 13-year-old managed to remain calm when she said, "It's like a shock! I never thought I'd be able to talk to him."

"It has consumed the past few months of our life," Bebe's mother, Amy Trull, told Kidd as he interviewed them on Tuesday. "She's completed her four rounds of chemo. We just went yesterday for a radiation appointment, and she'll have more scans next week."

Bebe and her family will meet Austin Mahone during the radio station's holiday celebration.

"Easily, hands down, the best part of my job," said the radio host, explaining how it feels to make a young girl's day.

Austin Mahone was a presenter at the American Music Awards, and he has been dubbed "the next Justin Bieber" for his looks and his music. He has also been in the news for his apparent crush on Kendall Jenner, which he admitted publicly.

Last month, Austin Mahone was forced to cancel his planned tour when he fell ill with what was determined to be a blood clot and dehydration. He spent some time in the hospital and was unable to sing for three weeks.

Are you inspired by Austin's kindness to his young fan, Bebe Dodd?