Tim Robbins Loses Both Parents In Two Week Period

Tim Robbins is mourning the loss of both his parents who passed away just 12 days apart from one another.

Mary, 78, passed away of a heart arrhythmia on Tuesday, while Gil, 80 passed away after a lengthy battle with Prostate Cancer 12 days early.

Mary and Gil were married for 59 years and both parents passed away in their Esteban Cantu, Mexico home.

Robbins spoke with the Los Angeles Times about his father:

“He was very charming, open and funny,” and “He had a real strong moral center; he spoke up for what he believed in.”

He said of his mom that she was a woman who:

“had a calm and cheerful demeanour, a sharp wit, a gentle spirit and a generous and loving heart.”

Still with him is his brother David and two sisters Adele and Gabrielle.