Gareth Bale Scores Incredible Free Kick For Real Madrid [Video, Photos]

Real Madrid lost a starter but it didn't seem to matter. Gareth Bale acted as if he had been in that role all along, scoring an incredible free kick in which the goalie had no chance.

Cristiano Ronaldo is Real Madrid's starter, but he is out with a hamstring injury, which is said not to be serious, however, he cannot play at least until Saturday, maybe.

As The Inquisitir reported earlier, head Coach Carlo Ancelotti, put Welsh player Gareth Bale in to take over their big star he didn't disappoint.

In their previous meeting against Galatarasay, Real pounded with a 6-1 final result. On Wednesday it was no different with the Spaniards edging Gala 4-1 to take the top spot in Group B and the final 16.

There was some pressure for Gareth Bale, not overwhelming by any means. Of course he has to prove that he can carry the team if Ronaldo is out, as he was today.

Not only a matter of pride, but it would justify the multi-million dollar fee that brought him to Real Madrid.

The play in question came in the 37th minute, when Gareth Bale kicked this apparently stoppable kick from 35 yards, giving Madrid a 1-0 lead, which only lasted for a minute.

Last Saturday, Ronaldo left the game limping and it was later determined he had a hamstring injury and even though both the Portuguese star and the club have minimized its severity, it still doesn't allow the striker to play.

It is unclear how long Ronaldo will be out, but with Gareth Bale on, as he was tonight, everyone can relax a little, Ronaldo included. He was spotted at the club's box, nervously watching the game.

Gareth Bale came to Real Madrid from Tottenham on September 1, 2013 for an undisclosed amount of money, which is rumored to be a record as high as $139 million.

Real Madrid is in good hands with Gareth Bale while their main star, Cristiano Ronaldo, recovers from his injury.