Charlie Sheen Loses Custody Battle To Drugged Out Ex-Wife

You know your life is spiraling out of control when you can’t even win custody of your own two children from your ex-wife who recently checked into rehab for drug abuse, but that’s exactly what happened today when Brooke Mueller retained custody of 2-year-old-twins Max and Bob.

An L.A. judge continued to award legal and physical custody of the boys to Mueller after she checked herself into rehab on Monday, a move largely seen as a preemptive strike to prevent a custody battle loss to ex-husband Charlie Sheen. reports that Mueller was in court looking wobbly and “glassy-eyes” and when asked if she was pleased with the courts decision she didn’t give an answer.

While Mueller is in rehab her mother Moira Fiore will be watching the twins.

Even with Denise Richards trying to help Sheen out in the case, apparently hanging out with Porn Stars and doing enough drugs to kill an elephant did Charlie in. Perhaps his new slogan should be changed from Winning to Losing…To Crackheads.