‘American Horror Story’ Creator Looking To Haunt Big Names Like Reese Witherspoon

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has scared the wits out of American and international audiences with his first three seasons, telling twisted tale after scary story each week in each installment of his anthology series.

He’s already lured huge names to American Horror Story, from original cast member Jessica Lange and Season One’s lead, Dylan McDermott, not to mention the likes of Zachary Quinto for two seasons. Season 3, American Horror Story: Coven, is even more star-studded with the addition of Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett. The White Witch herself, Stevie Nicks is even making a guest spot. But Ryan Murphy still has his eyes set at the top for cast members to put the horror in American Horror Story.

Picture this: American Horror Story, featuring Reese Witherspoon. Murphy wants to make it happen (who wouldn’t?).

“Well, every year I go to Reese Witherspoon,” the American Horror Story creator told Entertainment Weekly. “I want her to play something really twisted and f—-d up. But she’s always booked.”

In addition to Witherspoon, Murphy told EW he wants to get Michael Chiklis, veteran of FX’s The Shield, and Michelle Pfeiffer to appear on American Horror Story. Murphy doesn’t need the star power in order to create an engaging horror drama, but it always helps to sell a story to American audiences. The show’s star power is getting a bit dimmer with Jessica Lange’s departure.

That’s right, as previously reported, Jessica Lange will be leaving American Horror Story after its fourth season, which has already been picked up by FX.

“I’m going to do the next season of this and hopefully a play and then maybe one or two movies and then I think — I feel like maybe then it’s time to start something brand new in life,” Lange told Huffington Post.

What kind of twisted and depraved character could Reese Witherspoon bring to American Horror Story, a show that this season features a character who commits murder through the act of sexual intercourse? Who knows, but one thing is certain: no matter who stars on American Horror Story, audiences will tune in to watch it.

Who would you like to scare you on the cast of American Horror Story?