Justin Bieber Graffitis Gold Coast Hotel, Question Of Permission Unclear

Justin Bieber “graffitis gold coast hotel in Australia,” is the bold headline currently winging its way around the continents. In smaller print, readers are then informed that it’s unclear if the hotel gave the superstar permission.

Yes, this could all be a storm in a spray-painted teacup.

According to reports the 19-year-old played a hit packed set, which included his new single “Roller Coaster,” to a sold out crowd at Brisbane’s entertainment center Tuesday in the first of two shows.

After returning to the QT hotel in Surfer’s Paradise after his show, Justin and his crew used spray paint cans to apply graffiti to the walls of the tennis courts at the exclusive Gold Coast hotel in the early hours of Wednesday morning (Nov. 27).

From pictures online, Bieber’s designs appears very similar to the street art he tagged along tour stops on his recent Latin America leg, notably on a disused wall in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. That act led to the singer being charged by Rio law enforcement and he now faces a fine.

The “Baby” star painted an assortment of Pacman-style shapes, colored ‘monsters,’ disembodied faces, and other abstract creatures, later posting one of his works to his Instagram account.

A previous report by Fairfax Media published in the Brisbane Times said the QT hotel was “unable to comment” on any questions about Bieber’s graffiti.

The Courier Mail fared better, quoting someone described as a QT spokeswoman, who said she was unaware of any request from Bieber to spray paint the property. She also said the hotel had no designated area for graffiti.

“I don’t know how this has come about,” the spokeswoman told the outlet.

Meanwhile, Australian municipal dignitaries are lining up to express their outrage.

Later on Wednesday, Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate criticized the singer and said he planned to send a graffiti removal kit to the hotel’s reception for Bieber to collect.

“We’ve all been young once,” Tate told TCM.“By the sounds of it, he’s gone and done something really, really silly. “But he’s got an opportunity to make good – I’m sending, straight away, one of council’s free graffiti kits… and I urge him to treat this city the way Gold Coast fans treat him.”

Justin Bieber Graffiti's Gold Coast Hotel

Some of the graffiti on the wall and spray cans left by Bieber and his entourage at the QT Hotel in Surfer’s Paradise on Nov. 27

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie also denounced the heartthrob, telling The Courier Mail,

“Justin Bieber is a role model to many young people so, if the claims are correct it is disappointing that he did this without permission,” Bleijie said, adding,”It’s up to the hotel to make a complaint if it chooses.”

The politician added, “Legitimate art and expression is great, as long as it’s with permission.”

Bieber, who enjoyed nightclub life on the Gold Coast on Monday evening after arriving in Brisbane on Sunday, has now left the city for Sydney but not before posing for pictures with fans.

The young buck will play the capital’s Allphones Arena on Friday and Saturday before next week’s shows in Melbourne, Adelaide, and the final concert of his 15-month trek in Perth on Dec. 8.

[Image via Jerad Williams via News Limited]