Third drunken toddler story surfaces, this time at a Chicago Chili’s

“Babies Drink Free!” seems to be the order of the month at our nation’s chain restaurants, with scandals erupting of toddlers inadvertently intoxicated at a Florida Olive Garden location and a Michigan Applebee’s.

Since the message of “you should never eat at chain restaurants unless your fridge lost power and everything else in town is closed” has not yet been absorbed, another family has witnessed their preschooler tie one on while out enjoying a family meal. Tyree Davis, mother of 4-year-old Brooklyn, was surprised to find her little girl was uninterested in finishing her chocolate milkshake at a Chicago Chili’s location Sunday night. The family claims this is because the milkshake was actually a mudslide.

Davis said staff tried to confiscate the cocktail, but the family refused and began snapping pics:

“She (waitress) tried to take the drink and leave the shake and I said no, leave the drink and go get your manager. And that’s when I pulled out my camera phone and I took pictures. And after I took the pictures, I called the police,” Davis says.

The child was treated at a hospital for an alcohol ingestion overdose. In this case, however, the restaurant “disputes” the Davis family’s version of events and has not issued an apology.