Justin Bieber Gets Softcore Cinematic In ‘All That Matters’ Video Teaser

Justin Bieber’s music video for “All That Matters” is set to visually impact all over next week, along with whatever track he releases in his increasingly lauded #MusicMondays series.

Previously, the song was given the guerrilla treatment in a low-fi but compelling video filmed at the Great Wall of China by Bieber’s buddy, Alfredo Flores. Now, a Colin Tillley-directed teaser is about to give it some proper profile.

The snippet arrived Tuesday courtesy of Vevo. In it, the singer and Cali model Cailin Russo, also 19, are seen deep in first base on a set that looks like a mash up of Blade Runner and a Whitesnake rock video set back in the day.

In short; it’s salty, sexy, and downright cinematic.

Shot on Nov. 17 in Los Angeles, after the shoot Tilley tweeted, “Created Pure art w @justinbieber today… #AllThatMatters,” itself an intriguing statement for the director of an R&B video to make.

Bieber and Tilley (who has just helmed Rick Ross feat. Future on “No Games”), previously worked together on videos for “Never Let You Go” and “U Smile” in 2010, also “Fa La La,” the then 17-year-old’s Christmas duet with Boyz II Men in 2011, so there’s a familiar ease there.

All in all, it bodes well for a potentially nuanced take on “All That Matters” when the full video drops on December 2.

Meanwhile, Bieber’s #MusicMondays are coming to a close. To date, fans and listeners have been taken on an eight week canter through the pop prince’s cathartic R&B Journals.

Justin Bieber Rolls Out 'All That Matters' Teaser Video

From the pretty pain of “Heartbreaker”; to lean longing in “All That Matters,” (Yeah, yeah, what’s a king bed without a queen/There ain’t no “I” in team / To make me complete You’re all that matters to me”; erotica of “Hold Tight”; reflection in “Recovery,” “Bad Day” and “All Bad”; a balls-out “PYD” and the kinetic funk of this week’s “Roller Coaster”) — like Justin’s year, it’s been quite the ride.

On the upside, more and more critics, notably Ernest Baker, are bucking the bandwagon of mealy-mouthed criticisms of the Canadian’s music based on everything but his music, and instead looking forward to the heightened musical possibilities of Bieber’s 2014.

Which, after all, is all that matters.

Justin Bieber 'All That Matters' Teaser Music Video Drops

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