‘Glee’ Star Matthew Morrison Considering New Home After Rat Infestation

Glee star Matthew Morrison may soon be looking for a new place to live after his Los Angeles home became infected with rats. The star was on a week-long vacation when he returned to find rats all over his home, forcing him to stay at a hotel while the rats were disposed of and their droppings were cleaned up.

Morrison spoke about the infestation on The Billy Bush Show:

“I came home and World War III broke out in my house. There was rat poop all over my house when I got home. I go upstairs (and) there was a huge rat in my bed. And like, poop and feces all over my bed.”

“I got home at like, 10pm on Sunday night and I had a 6am call on Glee on Monday, and it was just the worst night ever… I tried to catch the rat and he darted away. And I kind of cornered him in this thing… I thought he was dead on my bed. So… I put a bunch of plastic bags on my hand – I went to grab him and he just darted off… He was on the windowsill, kind of just eyeing me. We were playing cat and mouse – or Matt and rat, I guess.”

“I got him, ran downstairs in my underwear, and threw him in this far away trash can. Came back, tried to sleep and I just couldn’t. A half hour later, I hear something else… On my nightstand! I get up… I run over and turn the light on, and this big guy is on my nightstand and he jumps on my bed. They just love my bed! And he’s looking at me like, ‘What are you doing on my bed?’ He’s looking at me like I’m the asshole.”

Morrison mention that it’s the home he owns but now he’s so freaked out that he’s thinking of abandoning his pad for a new place.

If you can’t get enough of Matthew Morrison his first CD titled Summer Rain which features various duets, including one with Elton John will debut in May.