Redskins Navajo Code Talkers, NFL Team Honoring Native Americans Or Saving Face?

The Redskins honored Navajo Code Talkers at a game last night, but was the team serious or was it all just a publicity stunt?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Navajo Code Talker who helped turn the tide of WWII recently passed away.

The Navajo Code Talkers were a small band of warriors who succeeded where even some of the best cryptographers fell short during WWII. Now the team who’s previously been branded by some as one of the most racially offensive NFL teams out there, is trying to spiff up their image.

In the first half of Monday’s game the Washington Redskins, whose very name often conjures images of prejudice, ignorance and historical tragedy, chose to honor four member of the very small group of remaining veterans. This comes during Native American Heritage month so it’s possible they were serious. But honestly, this writer would be more impressed if they dropped the rather offensive name altogether.

The Navajo Code Talkers members seemed to chose to accept the “honor” with all seriousness, wearing Redskins gear and military hats. They were apparently treated with respect and said they do not find the name offensive. The four members, Peter MacDonald Sr., Roy Hawthorne, George James Sr. and George Boyd Willie Sr., were all given their due during a commercial break.

While it appears that the event was serious, complete with a short video tribute, it’s hard not to consider the benefits to the team and the rampant commercialism at play. The vets were given a round of applause while standing at the end zone tunnel. Many Native tribes have requested the team change their name, but the Code Talkers didn’t seem to mind.

So what do you think about the Redskins Navajo Code Talkers being honored, is the team for real or just trying to avoid being forced to change their name?