SEGA caters for all with Sonic Generations

SEGA has solved the centuries-old debate of 2D Sonic vs. 3D Sonic by revealing a Sonic game that plays in BOTH dimensions. Jeez, it’s obvious now. If only they’d thought of this before releasing, you know.

In Sonic Generations (PS3, Xbox 360), cynical old bastards like me can play Sonic as it was meant to be played, with a rapid hedgehog moving from one side of the screen to the other. Meanwhile, hyperactive ADD mouth-breathers born after 1996 get to play the game’s levels in 3D, complete with the no-doubt broken-to-all-hell camera. Everybody wins, sort of.

Admittedly I’ll probably always regard Mario games as the more refined, balanced experience, but I wouldn’t mind another great 2D Sonic title, particularly as the last really good one came out 19 years ago. Here’s a video showing SEGA’s latest attempt at making that dream a reality:

[Via press release]