Austin Mahone Says Not Being Able To Sing Was 'Torture'

Austin Mahone had some serious health issues this year, which forced him to cancel his planned tour to the disappointment of thousands of his fans. Now, he is opening up about what it was like not to be able to sing.

The teen sensation, who has been dubbed "The Next Justin Bieber", had to cancel his tour in mid-October after coming down with flu like symptoms that landed him in the ER.

Unfortunately, his doctors strongly urged him not to go ahead with the tour as he had a fever and was very weak.

Taking to Twitter to apologize to fans and parents for leaving them hanging at the last minute, Austin Mahone was seen looking very pale and unwell in a couple of selfies.

A few days after the tour cancellation, doctors determined that Austin Mahone suffered from severe dehydration as well as a blood clot, as was reported by The Inquisitr at the time.

He also suffered from an inflamed throat, which is what prevented him from singing for three long weeks.

Now, a healthy Austin Mahone has rebounded, and he is talking about the scary ordeal:

"I feel great. I feel a hundred percent better. I'm just ready to get on the stage and start performing again," Mahone, 17, told PEOPLE's Raha Lewis at the American Music Awards on Sunday.

"You know, I sing every day and when I had strep throat and I had that blood clot I couldn't sing at all for like, three weeks straight. It was torture," Austin Mahone added.

The photos, which include one at the hospital with Mahone wearing one of those attractive greenish gowns, showed a very ill Austin on October 17.

Currently, the pop star is embroiled in something of a love triangle with two other powerhouse names; Kendall Jenner, of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Harry Styles, the hunk from British boy band One Direction.

Apparently, he has a crush on Jenner, but she is rumored to be dating Styles. Last week, some photos of the two surfaced as they headed out to dinner in North Hollywood.

Austin Mahone confessed to E! News, "I'm still crushing on Kendall." Kendall Jenner says she and Harry Styles are just friends.

Austin Mahone and Kendall Jenner presented the AMA to Avicii for Favorite Artist: Electronic Dance Music on Sunday.