PS4 Remote Play: Does It Work?

PS4 Remote Play looks good on paper, but does it work when you actually use it?

Reports say that it works at times, but the transfer leaves something to be desired.

The first thing you have to do is register your PS Vita. Go to the Settings menu, select PS Vita Connection Settings, and load the PS4 Link app. The PlayStation 4 will generate a code you have to enter on your PS Vita, and after a few minutes, you’re ready to go. You will see the PlayStation 4 UI on the PS Vita at that point.

This is where the practicality of the link begins to show its generally “meh” performance. The high definition display of the bigger console may be too much for the small screen. This is assuming your connection is strong enough, of course.

The PS4 Remote Play begins to suffer if the connection is slow, with lag and errors when the signal is too weak. It is recommended that you stay within view of the PlayStation 4 for the best connection and avoid obstructions. You might want to use a high-speed Cable Wi-Fi signal for the best results.

The usability of the PS Vita as a remote controller –even in the same room– is also affected by the controls themselves. While the controls of the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita are relatively similar, some of the differences could be awkward. Some games compensate for the lack of two shoulder buttons in different ways. The standard method seems to be the touchpad at the back.

The more complex the game, the less the PS4 Remote Play seems to work. Battlefield 4 and Resogun are two of the biggest examples of why you should probably just use the DualShock 4 and forget about the PS Vita.

Does it work? Most of the time, but don’t expect it to be perfect.