Las Vegas Strip Pirate Show Canceled To Make Room For Pharmacy, Shops

A long-running Las Vegas pirate show recently plundered its final booty.

The "Sirens of TI" show at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino was reportedly canceled to make way for a pharmacy and a handful of shops. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the cast and crew were given the unfortunate news during a meeting last week.

Although the open-air Las Vegas show closed at the end of October due to construction of a 48,000 square-foot retail space, "Sirens of TI" was originally slated to return before the New Year. However, officials at Treasure Island ultimately decided to permanently pull the plug on the attraction.

"They lied to us and told us we would have a job. And then they called us today to come in and sign separation papers and turn in ID's," an anonymous cast member recently revealed.

The Associated Press reports that The Firm, the public relations agency that handles Treasure Island, didn't have any further details about the cancellation just yet. However, it's believe that poor ratings and negative reviews contributed to the show's closure.

The free Las Vegas attraction originally opened alongside the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino back in 1993. At the time, the pirate show was known as "Buccaneer Bay." Although it originally started as a Disney-style act, the show took a much more risque turn under the careful direction of Kenny Ortega.

In 2003, "Buccaneer Bay" transformed into "Sirens of TI." The show included women in skimpy outfits and shirtless guys dressed as pirates. Although the attraction managed to catch the attention to anyone who happened by, apparently this wasn't enough incentive for Treasure Island to keep the act alive.

Although the show was originally expected to return following its closure in October, the nightly performances were later scrapped by the hotel. In fact, all mention of "Sires of TI" was recently removed from the Treasure Island website.

In place of the pirate-oriented Las Vegas attraction, the hotel and casino intends to open a pharmacy and various other retail shops. According to reports, the stores are presently scheduled to open at some point during 2014.

If you didn't have a chance to see the show in Las Vegas, then you can check out some footage of the dancers in action below. Although it probably doesn't capture the spectacle of the pirates in all their glory, it's the only option you have for the time being.

Are you disappointed that the Las Vegas Strip show "Sirens of TI" isn't coming back?

[Image via Creative Planet Network]