PS4 Games: The Five You Need To Buy

PS4 games promise to be something special in terms of graphics quality and playability but with all the games on the market which are the "must-have" PS4 games that you'll want on your shelf?

The PS4 is a console focused primarily on gaming and has been totally redesigned from the inside and outside. The eight-core processor is to thank for the improved graphics which are significantly sharper than its predecessor the PS3.

The reviews say that the PS4 games have the edge on Xbox games graphicswise although it is pretty close in terms of quality when it comes to the two competing consoles.

One of the great new features which enhances gameplay with PS4 games is the all-new DualShock controller which boasts a touchpad for swiping and built-in speakers. There is also the Playstation Camera which is good but not quite as good as the Xbox One Kinect capabilities.

So now to the games. Here is a list with trailers of what we think the top five PS4 games are:

1: Titanfall

Titanfall is due for release on March 13, 2014 and will also be available on the Xbox One. The game has already racked up a bunch of awards with many of the team who designed it having played a major role in Call of Duty. The game will be a serious rival to Destiny and promises to be something special when it hits the streets.

2: Warframe

Warframe, from the same developers of Halo, offers an eclectic mix of melee combat and three-dimensional mobility. With its roots seriously embedded in PC history Warframe is well known and much loved by gamers around the world.

3: NBA 2K14

For all of you basketball enthusiasts out there NBA 2K14 is by far the best in the basketball games series. The attention to detail on behalf of the game's developers is astounding with face scans having been taken and integrated for all the players in the game. The game will also have a solid online presence and promises to be an amazing gaming experience.

4: Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 has always been in serious competition with Call of Duty: Ghosts, but is seems the former has come out on top. Ghosts has traditionally has all kinds of issues with frame-rates and a somewhat under impressive presentation. Battlefield 4 is thought by many to be the most instinctive first-person shooter game out there. Multiplayer options are also a spectacle to behold in this robust and action packed PS4 game.

5: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

For those of you who love the Assassin's Creed series, Black Flag is one to look out for. The series is unique in the type of stealth gameplay it offers and this time round the developers are taking a step away from revolutionary periods in history and focuses on pirates. The tropical settings, rum and cannons make the latest Assassin's Creed instalment a must-have item on your shelf.