June 29, 2017
David Guetta Donates New Song For UN Campaign #TheWorldNeedsMore____

French DJ David Guetta will share a new song and video for the United Nations campaign "#TheWorldNeedsMore____."

Guetta, the UN and other international aid organizations came together on Friday, November 22 to launch the campaign, which raises funds for humanitarian emergencies.

David Guetta said in a statement:

"Music is a powerful way to connect and to bring people together. Together we can use our voices to make a real difference for people in need around the world. I am so honored to be part of this campaign. If we can make a change just by saying what the world needs now and raise money to help the UN – wow. That's incredible. I want the video to show just what the UN does to help people and use my community to share this – and them with their friends. I collaborate in my music; I want us all to collaborate in this."
The campaign will use Twitter as a vehicle to get donations and get people involved. This is how it works:

Users can promote $1 donations by choosing a word to finish the sentence, "The world needs more___," followed by the hashtags #worldneedsmore and #yourword.

The song is at the heart of the campaign, David Guetta explains and it also explores a completely new side to the successful DJ and producer of dozens of hits.

David Guetta's song features singer Mikky Ekko.

"It's a big turn for me "I've never had songs that are like this kind of subject, so I'm really excited about this. It's a big change lyrically, but also sonically. Just, you know, growing up, trying to do something bigger than myself. It's a big stretch from Sexy Bitch."
On Friday night, Guetta will use the UN building in New York City as a giant projection screen for the video One Voice that accompanies the song.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will be on hand to help raise awareness for the "#TheWorldNeedsMore____" humanitarian aid campaign.

Recent events, such as the Philippines Typhoon show just how much the world actually needs people to step up and head campaigns such as this. The civil war in Syria is also a humanitarian disaster where millions have died.

So how would David Guetta complete the phrase #TheWorldNeedsMore___?

The artist says he would use the word love. Other words that were chosen by sponsors included inclusion, education, dreams, and empowerment, according to Times Live.

To see how others think the sentence should end, go to Twitter.

Details about David Guetta's newest endeavor are available at the campaign's website, where the video ceremony at the UN also can be watched via livestream Friday night.

What do you think of David Guetta's involvement in the UN campaign?