Yale Gunman: Real Or Hoax?

The Yale gunman, who was reportedly "headed toward the campus to shoot people," was not apprehended by police officers and it is unclear if he actually exists.

Officers swarmed the university campus today, ordering nearby stores to close their doors and students to remain inside. There were no reports of shots being fired but the threat of a gunman at Yale was enough to cause pandemonium on the campus.

Just before 10 am this morning, an emergency call came into the 911 dispatch. The caller said that his roommate "was heading toward campus with a gun."

A number of people reported seeing a man with a gun. Officer David Hartman of the New Haven police said: "There is a fairly well confirmed report of somebody on campus with a long gun."

Hartman later confirmed that some of the people who had reported seeing the Yale gunman had actually been looking at an armed cop and that another person had only seen a backpack.

The police were unable to release a positive description of the man as the witnesses' descriptions of him didn't match: "We don't have a suspect.We have nothing tangible," concluded officer Hartman.

A text message was sent to warn people about a potential Yale gunman via Twitter: "Unconfirmed report of a person on campus w/ a gun. Please stay indoors," it read.

That alert took a good 30 minutes to spread around campus from the time the 911 call was made.

A university spokesman, Tom Conroy, said: "There has to be some time between the 911 call going out and Yale having the information with their police and getting out the alert."

It remains to be seen whether or not the Yale gunman is real or if the whole incident was some kind of joke or hoax. The police and relevant authorities are remaining vigilant as they investigate further if any potential threat still exists.