Cruise and Beckham Families Merge in Bizarre Wedding Ceremony

Fresh from spending Thanksgiving together in New York, the Cruise and Beckham families are ready to take their special relationship, that one step further. They plan to do this by holding what can only be described as some sort of marriage. Talk about creepy.

Apparently a source said: ‘Tom and David have been friends for years and they and their families spend a lot of time together. This year Tom wanted to make a special gesture that would show how much he appreciates their friendship and he thought this would be the perfect way.’”

That special gesture will see Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes merge their family with Victoria and David Beckham’s in a special ceremony. Tom will hold the bizarre service – during which the families will solemnly vow to be brothers and sisters and exchange heartfelt speeches.

The gesture serves as a Thanksgiving present from Tom to the Beckhams. Surely they could have said how about a gift voucher?