Draft day decision makers: New York Giants

The New York Giants turn to General Manger Jerry Reese to run their draft. He has been with this club since 1994, and has been general Manger since 2007. This will be his fifth draft where he has called the shots. Other than delivering a great 2007 draft class that directly led to this team winning a Super Bowl he has had a lot of misses. The most important of these misses is his failure to find this team good linebackers in the draft.

In 2007 Reese hit on almost every one of his eight picks. All seven of those players played key roles in the Giants Super Bowl championship. However, he followed all of that up with a sub par 2008 class. His 2009 class did give him what looks to be a future pro bowler in WR Hakeem Nicks but four of those players selected that year are already gone.

The real numbers here are Reese has made 31 picks for the Giants and 23 of them are still with the team. Only one has played in a pro bowl, and three are out of the NFL entirely. Only about half of his picks are current starters for the Giants, but we got to figure that will go up as Jason Pierre-Paul grows into his position.

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