Dr. Gupta says Zsa Zsa baby “won’t happen”

There was a bit of a Zsa Zsa Gabor related stir this week when the 94-year-old actress’ husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt told CNN the aging couple hoped to become parents as soon as possible.

Gabor, who has spent the last year desperately outracing the Grim Reaper, is currently bedridden and struggling with a host of serious medical concerns. Which, according to the Prince, is the perfect time to throw a baby into the mix. Her husband says using a donor egg, surrogate and artificial insemination, the couple planned to add a new addition to the family, one Zsa Zsa has little hope of seeing into Kindergarten.

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta says that scenarios like this are unlikely to result in a successful surrogacy, mainly because Gabor is ostensibly in no state to consent to becoming a mother, and Prince Frederic von Anhalt is married to her, making such a contract untenable. Dr. Gupta consulted with a reproductive specialist in Atlanta, Dr. Dan Shapiro, who explained why such a procedure was inadvisable and unlikely:

“This is not a reasonable request. This is not a childless family seeking to family-build… Just because you’re capable of creating a baby and creating a family, is it in the interest of the couple? In the interest of the baby? Is there a social interest in making families that look like this? I think the answer in this particular situation is no, no, no.’”

Of course, the couple do have more money than God, so the idea of going outside the traditional reproductive medicine structure in the country is not too unimaginable.