David Beckham Ordered To Pay ‘In Touch Weekly’ Legal Fees

In 2007 call girl Irma Nici told In Touch Weekly that David Beckham had sex with her, a claim that Beckham denies. Realizing that the tabloid had run with the story Beckham quickly filed a lawsuit against In Touch. Fast forward 4 years later and the international soccer star is now being ordered to pay more than $200,000 to the tabloid.

While David still claims the story is a sham, US District Judge Manuel Real in February threw out his case, stating that Beckham’s legal team was not able to provide any proof of malice on behalf of In Touch.

The $200,000 payment is being used to cover In Touch’s legal fees for defending themselves.

While money is exchanging hands in the wrong direction, at least according to Beckham, he isn’t giving up the fight, having already filed papers in the United States District Court, Central District Of California.

According to a Beckham rep:

“David is appealing… and is confident justice will prevail.”