Holy father forgive me, its been seven days since I last got on Facebook

The Catholic church won’t do contraception, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hip and to prove it they have just gone all web 2.0 on the devout unsuspecting masses. A new Catholic website, FlockNote.com was launched this month, providing diocesan, parish and lay organization leaders with a web 2.0 solution to sharing information with their groups.

A media release from the Flocknote.com says that until now, many Catholic groups have used email mailing lists and church bulletins to communicate with interested members.

On Flocknote.com, Catholic leaders can create “feeds” for every group that they lead. Group members are then invited to subscribe to feeds of interest and choose to receive notes by email, text message, Facebook – or on the website itself.

Flocknote is attracting more than Church leaders. Catholic musicians, bloggers, speakers and other laymen have also found the site to be instrumental in sharing their ministry

Flocknote.com doesn’t want to be confused as just another social networking site, no, according to the founders Flocknote has “created a unique niche, serving as both a high-tech mailing list – and a supplement to popular sites like Facebook.”

“At the end of the day,” Warner continued, “people truly want to be plugged in to their Catholic community – we just don’t always have the time to do it. Flocknote changes that. Now everyone can get the information they need in the most convenient way possible.”

Having your priest write on your fun wall is one thing, giving you a poke? Now that would be just plain creepy.

Since the Catholic church has caught the web 2.0 bug, we look forward to seeing Bible 2.0, confession via twitter (confess your sins in 140 characters or less), and the Pope’s Myspace page where he blogs regularly bitching the Cardinals just don’t understand him.