Is Katy Perry Planning To Have Children? Not Yet, Says Rep

Is Katy Perry planning to have kids? If you’re one of the people who bought into the rumor making the rounds this weekend, then prepare for a wave of crushing disappointment.

Despite reports that the famous couple are planning to take a trip into the world of parenthood, a representative for Perry said there’s absolutely no truth to these reports whatsoever. Those of you who rushed out to purchase baby shower gifts should seriously consider returning the items very soon.

According to the rumor-squashing folks at Gossip Cop, Katy Perry and John Mayer aren’t planning to have a baby anytime soon. In fact, the representative for the “Roar” singer said these rumors were completely made up. Sorry if this news ruins your otherwise fantastic weekend.

Where did these rumors start? Although a number of news outlets reported the story — The Inquisitr included — the reports originated from Closer magazine. The publication supposedly spoke to an anonymous insider who claimed Perry and Mayer were talking about starting a family.

“Katy brought up the idea of having a baby a few weeks ago. He was really supportive and said he’d love her to be the mother of his child. Their inner circle say it won’t be long until there’s happy news. She’s already been taking precautions,” the source told Closer at some point over the past few days.

The nameless individual went on to say that Katy Perry was taking extra special precautions during her upcoming performances. In fact, Katy Perry reportedly took special care not to injure herself during a recent appearance at the EMAs. If the singer was extra cautious, then it wasn’t because she was planning to have a kid.

Since that rumor was recently shot down by Perry’s representative, chances are reports about her friends and their concern for her relationship are completely bogus as well.

“Katy’s pals are concerned she’s too headstrong and won’t factor in John’s relationship history. But Katy says he’ll make a great dad and believes a baby would only strengthen their bond,” friends supposed told Closer.

Let’s summarize: Katy Perry and John Mayer aren’t having children. Her friends probably aren’t too concerned that she’s rushing things with a so-called “serial dater.” Instead of worrying about her personal life, focus on the fact that the singer is preparing to kick off a world tour next year. That’s far more exciting.

Are you disappointed that Katy Perry isn’t planning to have a baby anytime soon?’